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47 Years of Experience
AtaCelik Steel Casting was founded in 1972 in istanbul. With our 47 years of experience and engineering know-how  we service various sectors. Atacelik Steel Casting foundry is one of the leading companies in Turkey in its market.

Our company serves its customers fast and competetive advantages with a dynamic team work.

Castings for Valve and Pump industry.

Heat Treatment Industry Spare parts, Baskets, Bottoms, Grates and Fixtures.

Concrete Pump parts castings and Mixer parts.

Cement Industry Spares Cooler Plates, Nozzles, Grate bars.

Incineration Industry Biomass Furnace Grate Bars Reciprocating Grates.

Castings for General Machine Industry.

Customised Castings according to your needs.

Moulding and Heat Treatment

At our company, production is done by  induction melting furnaces. Moulding may be done at Omega resin sand molding line or by hand moulding regarding the customer   request. Casting can be done for any kind of steel and stainless steel.

Controlled heat treatment furnaces are avaliable for heat treatment. Normalising, Annealing, Quenching and Tempering. We are also in cooperation with Turkey's Leading Heat Treatment Companies.


Melting and Laboratory

At our foundry, melting is done at 700 kg and 400 kg specially designed high frequency induction furnaces. The chemical compositions of all our castings are tested at spectrometer in the laboratory. In addition as per order, microstructure and rigidity examinations are being done.

The annual capacity of our company is 1000 tons. Foundry master spectrometer, portable and desktop hardness testing device, carbon silicon measuring device and metallograph for micro structure measurement are avaliable at our laboratory. There is a  quality check process before delivering the castings to our customers.

Pattern Shop

All kinds of aluminium, plywood     and araldite patterns and core   boxes are made by Cnc in our pattern shop



We have reliable suppliers for machining our castings. According to your drawings and needs you can directly work with them or we can follow up your work.


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